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This photo of Judy  replaces current one on the ABOUT US PAGE. CROP TO FITIslandah Radio is a fully licensed radio station. A platform for clean solid entertainment, and the promotion of brotherhood, peace and harmony amongst all mankind. We are a serious entity, kicking the wickedest vibe in reggae, roots rockers, dancehall, calypso, soca, R&B, as well as Caribbean news, info, and of course “big chat”.

In keeping with our policy of community involvement, Islandah has instituted a program designed to assist the artist through the submission of their work for rotation on our station. We also cater for the announcement of current and upcoming activities, promos, events, general and local information. Added to that, our customer’s (through our affiliates) are able to securely shop for quality goods and merchandise, at affordable competitive prices while listening to good music.