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Imar Shephard


Imar Shephard is a talented young Jamaican singer songwriter who was born and raised in Richmond Gap, Saint Thomas. Surrounded by the rolling hills of the famous Blue Mountains, located on the Eastern side of the beautiful Caribbean Island. By the mere nature of being born Jamaican almost unavoidably makes reggae music the foundation of most every native singers repertoire. However, having grown in the church with equally as much exposure to Gospel, Jazz and Rock music Imar Shephard pumps out an eclectic style of composition that is distinctively his own. The young Rastafarian’s voice has been described as smooth and enchanting by media pundits on both sides of the Atlantic, further statements concur  that there has to be at least one of Shephard’s songs that upon first hearing touches the spirit and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

The artist, who is currently unsigned says he first found his voice as a young boy toiling on the coffee plantations. Growing up as a child in rural Jamaica is  perhaps not as glamorous a life as Westerners may imagine. There were days when his mother, a coffee farmer couldn’t afford to send both Imar and his junior sister to school, and so instead she would take the youngster out in the fields to work with her. Imar says he used to sing to pass away the time and make bearable the monotony of standing on his small feet for hours under the radiant sun or relentlessly pattering rain, tirelessly picking at the annoyingly tiny coffee beans one by one. Even then as young boy, when Imar Shephard sang out those around him listened attentively or joined him in ensemble. His singing bought a light relief and unity to the tired bodies and weary souls of the hardworking impoverished coffee pickers scattered across the fields. Finally moving to Kingston in his late teens, Imar Shephard realized his calling and decided to carve out a professional career in the music industry.

Now with two Ep’s securely under his belt and countless live performances across the Caribbean, UK  and USA  Imar Shephard has just completed putting the finishing gloss to his debut album. Having had to push back it’s release date twice due to a parting of ways with one time management company – Nyah Bless Music and subsequent near fatal car accident ,Shephard states without apology "Nothing before the time.

And so the long awaited  ‘Imar Shephard Live & Unleashed’ looks set for release early this April .The album consists of thirteen songs. Eleven of which are self penned passionate tracks by the artiste that are biographically emotive and a real insight into the up and downs of the artist’s rise  from relative unknown to where he is thus far. Having recently toured the UK and shared stages with some of Jamaica’s more popular internationally acclaimed artists like Fred Locks, Capelton, Nikiesha Barnes and Ibah Mahr to name just a few, things are looking good for  Imar Shephard whose dulcet tones harmonic runs and lyrical narratives will  tenderly draw  you in from your listening zones across the globe to feel his soul as raw and real as it can possibly be.

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